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Design and technologies for cultural heritage

Design and technologies for cultural heritage

Autori Roberto Bolici, Matteo Gambaro, Andrea Tartaglia
Editore Maggioli Editore
Formato Cartaceo
Dimensione 15x21
Pagine 159
Pubblicazione Giugno 2012 (1 Edizione)
ISBN / EAN 8838761434 / 9788838761430
Collana Politecnica
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Promoting and enhancing environmental and cultural heritage through research and technology are part of European Commu­nity activities with regard to innovative actions and programs for regional development. A scenario that involves diferent levels and aspects of the technological design for sustainability, in a per­spective of economic growth too.

In this area the research must renew both the methodological approaches and the management practices, opening the way for advanced exploitation processes based on criteria of technical re­liability and social feasibility. also going through the latest instru­ments of governance, such as - for example - Strategic and Mar­keting Plans, Cultural Districts, Ecomuseums, etc.

Te City of Mantua, and his wide area, marked by a conspicu­ous historical legacy and by an extraordinary environmental asset, acts as an ideal laboratory in terms of sustainable development based on cultural heritage.

Since 2002 the Research Group "Governance, design and valorisa­tion of built environment ", with the Laboratory T.E.MA.-Technol­ogy Environment Management of the Politecnico di Milano-Polo territoriale di Mantova and the Ph.D. Course in "Design and tech­nologies for cultural heritage ", has been cooperating with the main local institutions in several projects, implementing a network that acts as new model of governance with regard to the wide area, with the active participation of the community to the growth of the local system.

Te book therefore presents an overview on a possible "Mantua Model", focusing on the innovative approaches that can be devel­oped assuming new dimensions and scales of heritage assessment and natural/cultural resources enhancement, in their articulated interdisciplinary implications for design and project.
Roberto Bolici, researcher and lecturer in Architectural Technology, Milan Po­lytechnic. He coordinates the TEMA workshop (Technology Environment & Management) of the BEST Department.
Matteo Gambaro, researcher and lec­turer in Architectural Technology, Milan Polytechnic. He has a PhD in Planning, maintenance and redevelopment of buil­ding and urban system.
Andrea Tartaglia, researcher and lec­turer in Architectural Technology, Milan Polytechnic. He has a PhD in Technical innovation and design in architecture.

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