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The process of building production in the european context

The process of building production in the european context

Autori Liala Baiardi
Editore Maggioli Editore
Formato Cartaceo
Dimensione 16x22
Pagine 121
Pubblicazione Novembre 2012 (1 Edizione)
ISBN / EAN 8838761701 / 9788838761706
Collana Politecnica

Training system and professional qualification: a comparison between Italy and European countries

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In several Member States the construction and Real estate continues the constant demand for qualified personnel. There is therefore a great need to increase investment in training and adapting the structures of vocational training. Considerable efforts must be made at EU and national level, in order to ensure, on the one hand, that workers have adequate skills required by future drivers of the market, on the other hand, the transition facilitating labor market and strengthening professional skills of workers.
Unlike other industries, construction is not the "end product" that moves within the single market, but rather the companies and their labor force who have to travel, where the "product" must be built.
This mobility plays a crucial role in the competitiveness of the sector and should therefore not be hindered education and training policies, which are national powers, and that, due to the specificities of each country sometimes differ significantly from each other.
For these reasons, transparency and mutual recognition of qualifications is a priority on the agenda of the European social partners in the construction industry in order to improve the skills and matching them with market demand to increase their employability and make it easier move jobs, to improve working conditions and quality of work, and to create jobs.
For those who are dedicated to teaching, research is the priority and the means by which to achieve results of high international level and at the same time to develop forms of cooperation and alliances with the world of work.
Know the world where you will be working is a prerequisite for the formation of the students relate to the needs of the productive and industrial research helps to tread new ground and confronted with the need for a constant and rapid innovation.
Developing excellence and at the same time alter alliances with universities and research centers in Europe stimulates innovation training and therefore the development of the country.
The aim of this text is to set the basis for analyzing and comparing the nature, content and regulation of the different qualifications and vocational training systems in European countries and to identify the processes of learning in which skills are acquired in each country.
The research compares the qualifications in European countries involved. So, trace some common aspects of the labor markets in European countries participating in the construction and real estate as well as some common aspects in the training and professional activities in various European countries.

Liala Baiardi,architect,lecturer atthe Polytechnic ofMilan, where heconducts research, consultancy and training. Memberof the DepartmentLab.Gesti.TecBEST,participates in theinternationalizationas the holderof the research project"Evolution andtransformationof the production processbuilding:training,roles,steps, organizational models. A European comparison". Years been involved in the scientific coordination of training activities and conferences such as: the first level Master of Politecnico di Milano "Real Estate Management. Real estate development and profitability: towards active management "refresher courses" Methods, techniques and tools for the real estate professional "and" development and property management. The innovative sectors", the National Competition of Territorial Marketing" To promote, enhance and upgrade the city and the region". Collaborates with magazines sanitation and facility management. Founding member of the Real Estate Ladies (AREL).

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