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Innovation capacity of the food sector in South­‐Eastern Europe

Innovation capacity of the food sector in South­‐Eastern Europe

Autori AA.VV.
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Pubblicazione Settembre 2014 ( Edizione)

Edited by E.C. Ricci, A. Banterle, A. Sebők

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The Food industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the European Union and therefore it has an important role for economic growth and employment (FoodDrinkEurope, 2014). Competition from foreign countries is becoming stronger and stronger and urges to continuously find innovative solutions at the product and process level.

Nevertheless, in South East Europe (SEE) the level of innovation in the food sector is not satisfactory to ensure competitiveness. In many countries, the lack of recognition of the importance and of the potentials of this sector by policy makers and by other stakeholders determines the absence of a national food industry innovation strategy. The crucial role of national policies for growth and innovation can be verified in those countries that have clear policies. At the SEE area level, efforts to foster food innovation are not

In this direction, technology platforms (TPs) – that are industry-led voluntary initiatives, putting together different stakeholders of a sector to design and implement a research based innovation programme − represent a new approach for governance of the innovation system. Innovation strategies, recommendations for governance measures to foster innovation, and programme priorities are developed jointly by the industry, the governance experts and other stakeholders through an open dialogue. They reflect the needs of the users and the view of the governance institutions. In the best functioning National Food Technology Platforms (NFTPs) agreed mechanisms are in place to transfer the strategies and recommendations for elimination of the barriers of innovation to the governance organisations. In the food sector, after the formation of the European Technology Platform Food for Life (ETP) in 2005, NFTPs were established in single countries including Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Greece and preparatory activities were made in Serbia and Bulgaria.

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