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Autori Isabella Tiziana Steffan
Editore Maggioli Editore
Formato Ebook
Pagine 234
Pubblicazione Ottobre 2014 ( Edizione)

Methods, tools, applications

Second Part

ISBN - 9788891604217

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Prezzo Online:

13,50 €

10,80 €

Disponibilità: Disponibile

The lack of compliance of the built environment and of the products, with needs that can be very different causes a state of handicap. The lack of ability is a handicap only if the project has not taken it into account.

After more than 40 years of regulations on the elimination of architectural barriers, the accessibility of places and objects by people with disabilities is nowadays a minimum requirement.  

Design for All or “Planning for All” goes beyond, is innovative, is a shared, transversal and multidisciplinary approach to design, that can be applied to communication systems, places, public services and fast-moving consumer goods, so that these can be used by the biggest possible number of people.

What are the problems, the methodologies, the working tools and the criteria to take into account when planning or evaluating a design for All planning? What are the suitable audit tools?

This publication seeks to highlight the different fields of application, through different professional and research experiences.

The first volume examines some of the main research fields and some examples at urban level; the second one collects some demonstrations related to architectural, product and services design, as well as to the topical theme of university training.

We are talking about a person-centred planning, more than planning for categories of people, that takes into account needs and expectations, also unexpressed ones.

A Design which satisfies Everybody: does it really exist, can it be implemented in the real world?

If it is useful – as it seems – that this approach should be an aim, with this publication we want to urge a debate and a deeper study, for a more and more widespread application of Design for All in all professional and research fields.


Isabella Tiziana Steffan is an architect (since 1982) and a certified European Ergonomist (Eur-Erg), as well as an expert in Ergonomics and Design for All.

She developed an interest in the theme of accessible design at the end of the 70s, with her Bachelor’s dissertation and she started a collaboration with the Architecture firm Ornati-Cosulich.

In 1994 she participated in the works of the newborn IIDD (Istituto Italiano Design e Disabilità), now called Design for All Italia, of which she has also been the President. Furthermore, she has represented Italy within the European network EIDD - Design for All Europe.

At present, she is active in the fields of: planning and research on the subject of environmental usability; audit on regulations and usability of products, places, services, urban pathways and furniture, both for public and private customers. She has been member of juries for idea competitions, among which the UIA Award ”Friendly Spaces Accessible to All” 2014.

She also teaches in various Institutes, among which the Polytechnic of Milan, the Catholic University of Milan, the Università degli Studi, Milano- Bicocca. For the latter, she has recently been in charge of the Laboratory “Accessible Tourism”, at the Department of Sociology and Social Research (DSRS), (Academic Year 2013/2014).

Former member of the Building Commission of the Municipality of Milan and of its Building Observatory, she is a member of ADI’s Permanent Observatory of design, of the Board of the College of Engineers and Architects of Milan and of the Ergonomics Society.

She is an active member of the expert team on Built environment of the EDF and of the UIA Work Programme ‘Architecture for All’ Region 1 (Western Europe) and of EuCAN (European Concept of Accessibility Network). She participated in the works of EDeAN (European Design for All e-Accessibility Network), on IT accessibility. Her professional firm has been endorsed by Design for All Foundation as consulting partner.

She is a founding member of ENAT (European Network on Accessible Tourism). 

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