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Like rays of light  on slanted mirrors

Like rays of light on slanted mirrors

Autori Vladimiro Fiorese
Editore Maggioli Editore
Formato Cartaceo
Dimensione 17x24
Pagine 180
Pubblicazione Gennaio 2015 (I Edizione)
ISBN / EAN 8891609861 / 9788891609861
Collana I fuori collana

The chimento family and the art 
of great italian jewelers

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Vladimiro Fiorese, 53, holds a diploma in Engineering from the University of Padua. Over the years, he has met some of the most important figures of Italian capitalism, and interviews with them have resulted in significant exchanges of ideas.

 An ardent enthusiast of ancient history and expert on institutional movements and corporate dynamics, he collaborates with this project to promote historic and centuries-old companies in Italy.  These are the treasured stories he tells in the volumes of L’Oro d’Italia.

 Other publications by Fiorese for Maggioli Editore:
• L’Oro d’Italia. Storie di aziende centenarie e famigliari, Il Veneto (Vol. 1); La Lombardia (Vol. 2); Piemonte e Liguria (Vol. 3);
• Like Rays of Light on Slanted Mirrors. 
The Chimento Family and the Art of Great Italian Jewelers.;;

Mario and Federica continue to expand the business to preserve creativity, craftsmanship, 
and innovation in design both in Italy and abroad. All three of these attributes are the fruit of the Vicenza goldsmithing tradition and of Made in Italy.
It can be said that this is the best way to commemorate Adriano’s strength, perseverance, 
and inventiveness, which led to the success of “Chimento Gioiellieri” 
over these fifty years of history.

I began working with great diligence and passion: I have always upheld these principles 
for my whole life, and have never relied merely on luck.  This was the secret of my success. 

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