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Ociam. Fragile Landscapes

Ociam. Fragile Landscapes

Autori Guya Bertelli
Editore Maggioli Editore
Formato Cartaceo
Dimensione 15x22,5
Pagine 506
Pubblicazione Febbraio 2021 (I Edizione)
ISBN / EAN 8891646347 / 9788891646347
Collana Politecnica

International Exhibition

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Never as in recent months, the complex and multiform topic of fragility has imposed itself as a factor impacting in changing and transforming the concept of territories and landscapes.

The exhibition described in this book has the great value of discussing issues that are essential components of our projects, in relation with an innovative and non-banal approach, oriented exactly to the comparison - with high scientifc profle - among different positions.

The selected format, a collection of posters and panels, helps to immediately convey the spirit and goal of each personal contribution.

A sequence of drawn ideas emerges and - precisely in the integration of different individuals, from the young researchers to the Professors with a long-standing experience - it outlines a composite picture of a great perspective, capable of opening questions and visualizing operational strategies.

But the quality and identity of this exhibition are also recognizable within its own special occasion.

The tenth edition of the OC OPEN CITY International Summer School is an important moment for the Politecnico di Milano AUIC School.

It’s a celebration for one of the most signifcant teaching experiences of recent decades: an intensive design workshop that gathered hundreds of students and professors around the most stressed topics of contemporary debate, at the international level.

In this horizon, the exhibition is even more meaningful, because it collects and reinterprets the energies and tensions that the OC Summer School has been able to provoke since its beginnings, within the Piacenza Campus of our Politecnico.

Teaching and research have met along lines of disciplinary study and have found their natural fulfllment in the territorial fragility.

I like to intend the contents of this book not only as a point of arrival, but as a renewed opportunity for design refections that will engage our School in the next decade.

Guya Bertelli

OCiam Exhibition 1st part

Ilaria Valente

The Fragility as Paradigm of the Contemporaneity
Guya Bertelli

Fragile Landscapes, Resilient Landscapes
Carlos Garcia Vazquez

Snapshots: Opening Pictures

1. OCiam International Comparison
Guya Bertelli, Michele Roda
Section: New Peripheries - Panels
Urban Boundaries and Innovative Scenarios, Pasquale Mei
Section: Emergencies Places - Panels
Reading Interpreting Transforming
Nicola Petaccia, Isabella Spagnolo
Section: New Cycles of Life - Panels
Reflections on Contemporary Abandoned Spaces, Martina Sogni
2. OCiam International Call of Ideas Exhibition
Fragility Towards a New Concept, Michele Roda
3. Parallel Paths
Introduction: Michele Roda
• Atlas of Fragility
• Collecta - ASA, Advanced School of Architecture
• Piacenza in Section
• 30°house
• Hearthand
• Borders - Lotus International, Gaia Piccarolo
Snapshots: Final Critic Discussion and Open Spaces Exhibitions
OC Summer School
2nd part
Sandra Bonfiglioli
10 Years of Architectural Experience
Guya Bertelli
An Exciting Path Through a Series of Relevant Topics
Michele Roda
Snapshots: OC Open City - Workshop Activities
A Special Site: Fragility Reloaded
Mario Morrica, Chiara Locardi
OC Open City Exhibition
Workshops’ Review : Guya Bertelli, Michele Roda
2010 - Between the City and the River
2011 - Living the Street
2012 - Landscape in Sequence. Dwelling the Wall
2013 - Nature in the City
2014 - Architecture for a Creative City
2015 - Feeding (the) Landscape
2016 - Landscape in Motion
2017 - New Next Nature
2018 - Landscape 4.0
2019 - Fragile Landscapes
OFF OC: Complementary Events

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