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Metropolitan Architecture

Metropolitan Architecture

Autori Dimitri Martino - Nelly Mendoza - Pedro Peralta
Editore Maggioli Editore
Formato Cartaceo
Dimensione 15,5x21
Pagine 50
Pubblicazione Dicembre 2014 (I Edizione)
ISBN / EAN 8891609083 / 9788891609083

Landmarks of an Integrated Metropolitan Architecture 

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Dimitri Martino - Nelly Mendoza - Pedro Peralta graduated in Architecture at

Politecnico di Milano by presenting a thesis about cities like Lima becomes a new hori­zont for understanding how land is the most importan factor to take care on human rela­tionship development. Tey currently contribute to the Laboratory Measures and Scales of the contemporary city at Politecnico di Milano.Lima is an exponentially growing city due to an economic development, in line with the other capitals of the South American continent. Te me­tropolis has spread along the Pacifc Ocean coast behind the great Ande­an cordillera. Te orography and hydrography are natural elements that have infuenced the birth and the subsequent development of urban spa­ce expansion. Te built environment is supported by an infrastructure network with links to diferent scales, with all the problems related to the urban sprawl over the recent years.

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