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A Blooming Space of One Million Square Meters. Revitalization of the Botanical Garden

A Blooming Space of One Million Square Meters. Revitalization of the Botanical Garden

Autori Ainur Zhubanova
Editore Maggioli Editore
Formato Cartaceo
Dimensione 16x22
Pagine 268
Pubblicazione Luglio 2016 (I Edizione)
ISBN / EAN 8891618047 / 9788891618047
Collana Politecnica

Ainur Zhubanova Teaching assistant at Politecnico di Milano and University of Genoa , She graduatedin April 2015 whit a thesis entitled “A blooming space of one million square meters. Revitalization of the botanical garden”. Here research comprises the composing of an atlas of the botanical garden of the world which depicts gardens as unique fragments and elements of natural and artificial environment, the readings of their morphology and their figurative representation and construction.

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Every garden is quite a versatile and extraordinary space. It is different in this appearance, form and atmosphere depending on what culture, climate and landscape it as emerged in. Garden is both a natural an man-made space. It is a space enclosed by the built environment but at the same time is open, thus, it is an ambiguous environment that mediates the inside and the outside and let them communicate with each other. The origin of the word “garden” related is to the idea of an enclosed space, a nature’s fragment which is cultivated by human hands, a nature’s fragment which maintained. This is where the interrelations between the landscape, the city and the garden begins .The city, as well as the garden, may be considered as an enclosed space in the boundless scope of landscape. The work presented in this book focuses on the main objective to revitalize the botanical garden an expanse of which as been neglected for the last twenty years, located in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. It shows an attempt to re-invent the space provided for the plant life, to find the lost perception of the botanical garden in the city, to inhabit the emptiness and permeate it with new values.

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